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Let’s talk telemarketing for a few moments, because whenever someone brings up telemarketing, your instant reaction is most likely to cringe and we don’t think that’s fair!

When done correctly, Telemarketing has little to no drawbacks and a ton of positives. It has shown that outbound data monetization can be very effective if done correct and with a purpose. In fact, targeted clients have reported that they received a better experience when sold via telemarketing done correctly as apposed to less personal approach such as email marketing, mobile marketing, and banner advertising. There’s just something to be said about talking to another person on the other end of the line. Don’t underestimate the amount of value that holds to a lot of people!

With that being said, if you hire a call center that is ran poorly, doesn’t educate their agents correctly, and doesn’t care about you, the client, your results and your experience as a company will be very negative.

Here at Formeti we take pride in knowing each and every one of our agents is personally trained by our sales managers who have all been in the industry for years! If you have a question about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to ask! What are you interested in?

Do you need a customer service team for inbound calls? We have your back! Every inbound call center you search for will tell you they have hold times under a minute, they have the best refund rates, etc. You can believe that if you want but we want to prove it to you. Simple as that.


Formeti uses a variety of proprietary tools to provide powerful results while maintaining compliance. Our agents are trained with our proven process that creates consistent results. This creates a service that you can rely on to provide the production, conversions and overall yield you expect. We offer a suite of revenue enhancement services that are designed to help you be more efficient with your customer base.

Our staff is trained to follow a process but is not overly robotic in delivery. We understand the need for personality when you connect with customers, at the same time controlling the call to achieve the objective. Our procedures and training create the foundation that ensures the expected output.

We are able to synchronize our phone systems to your CRM/Database to capture and share information gathered on every call.

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